24K Plated vibrating energy bar


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The 24 K gold plated beauty bar is created to vibrate gently on your skin at a speed of 6000 RPM which stimulates blood circulation and collagen production helping improve skin elasticity Texter and appearance .    With consistent make up application day in and day out and other environmental stressors we are continuously clogging our poor as well tell silicon and many other for materials while you can remove a superficial layer of those toxins with make up wipes oil cleansers and clarifiers there is still a good amount of taxes left in your pores I can only be removed with the most gentle and advanced technology .  

 This is where the 24 karat gold plated beauty bar comes in !

 As you gently glide the beauty bar across your face it  vibrates on your skin at a rate of 6000 rhythms per minute.  This encourages blood circulation  which then naturally forces your pores to purchase the unwanted toxins are body soaks up naturally throughout the day.   This is good for acne prone skin premature aging or any kind of problematic skin since it encourages healing from within naturally.